A selection of testimonials from satisfied clients!

Mel just gets it. She takes an incredibly practical approach (which I love) and can achieve a million dollar outcome, on a completely regular budget. Although we are a completely different shape from one another, she understands what works for a pear like me, and has helped style me throughout both of my pregnancies and beyond. Mel recently took me out shopping on a styling session and convinced me to try on an outfit that I had blatantly written off as being far too on trend for someone like me to pull off. I gave her experience the benefit of the doubt, Instantly received spontaneous compliments from the other people shopping there at the same time, and all summer long have received comments from others wherever I’ve worn it. I really enjoy her outgoing and fun nature, her pragmatic advice and the confidence she gives me to put my best food forward. Thanks Mel!Sarah - Mt. Hawthorn
Fiona, a huge thank you for helping me select items for my winter wardrobe and also for putting together my outfits for the two weddings that I was attending. You were amazing and made me feel comfortable and at ease the whole time I was with you. I was in awe of the way you easily put clothes and accessories together that I would never have thought to do and you also made me realise how easy it can be to mix and match different outfits. I have received lots of compliments on what I am wearing lately and that is thanks to you! You have definitely opened my eyes to all the new possibilities in my wardrobe Thanks again xxLeanne - Victoria Park
I hate shopping but Mel has made this easier for me. I am clueless when it comes to style and fashion. Mel took me on a personal shopping trip to help me accessorise for a wedding and I learnt more about clothes and accessories I should be buying to suit my style and body shape, than I have picked up in a life time. The tips I got from Mel with layering colours and accessories has been really helpful. My wardrobe is looking a whole lot better now. Over the past few months I have spent culling and reorganising. My outlook on fashion and shopping has changed a lot. Thanks MelFiona - Cannington
Wow what can I say Fiona just “HAS IT” when it comes to helping woman look and feel GREAT in there own skin! I was completely lost when it came to shopping for clothes and since having twins I really had lost all my confidence in the way I dress. Now I can look and feel great with everything in my wardrobe. Fiona was refreshingly honest and so appraochable, I just felt at ease in her company. Fiona completed a Wardrobe Consultation with me first, we went through my entire wardrobe and now I have so many different looks I would never have thought off, its like shopping in your own wardrobe. We have since shopped for a few staples that were missing and now I’m a completely different woman, I love it and so does my husband all thanks to Fiona. Fiona I have to say this job is made for you! You are fantastic at what you do. I will definitely be back and will refer you to everyone I know.Sally - Mosman Park
I’m a plus sized girl and never know what clothes I should be buying to suit my body shape. I contacted Mel and asked her to help me. She took me shopping and wow, what a difference. She knew the exact styles, cut and fit that I should be wearing to flatter my body shape. It has really changed my outlook on what I should be buying and where I should be shopping. She even showed me what accessories flatter my body shape and size. She had me trying on all sorts of things I would never have dared try on before and they looked amazing – without her help I would never have been confident enough to try half of what she had picked.  I’m looking forward to booking her for my winter wardrobe shop! Thanks again for all your help Mel.Dianne - Thornlie
Fiona – thanks for a great Style Party. It was a fun and informative night and everyone loved learning about the staples for a great wardrobe and their style type. It was a great way to get some inspiration and excitement back into my wardrobe. The tips on colours and accessories were just what I needed to enhance outfits and I now feel more confidence in my choices.Tiffany - Victoria Park
I hired Mel Marshall’s services as a personal stylist for a work awards night. Mel gave me direction with which shops to start my search in and which styles/colours to choose for my body shape and height and colouring. Starting with the dress and shoes and finishing with accessories, make up and even hair ideas. As someone who has very little fashion sense outside of gym clothes, Mel gave me great direction and knew exactly what would work for me, I was able to put my trust 100% into her care and the end result had me looking more put together than I have in my entire life. I felt confident and glamorous and for once wasn’t worried that I was making a major fashion fauxpas. Mel has a true flair for fashion and style, I couldn’t recommend her services as stylist more!Katie - Victoria Park
Thanks Fiona – I’ve been really impressed with my time with you. You’re a great image consultant and I’m particularly impressed how you know what shapes are best, what colours are ideal and how to pull it all together. Sorting my wardrobe gave me a much clearer picture on how to put outfits together and stopped the confusion I faced everyday with what to wear! Your honesty and fun energy especially when out shopping together made the experience even better and I love how the things you find are amazing at a very affordable price. Don’t forget – NUDE SHOES!!!!! Tiffany - Victoria Park
When I was growing up I was great at maths and terrible at art. These days not much has changed, I’m in Banking, great with numbers, not great at putting an outfit together. Mel, on the other hand, is one of those people that can throw anything on and it just works. And the best part of that is she can translate this innate style into a vision for others. Which is exactly why Mel is my go-to person for fashion advice, whether its to accessorise a dress or to invigorate my corporate wardrobe. Mel is in the enviable position of doing a job that she is absolutely passionate about – how many of us dream of that! This energy flows into the time she takes to get to know her clients … while Mel seeks to understand me and what I’m looking for, she also dares me to try things I wouldn’t normally pick for myself, and I end up loving the result. Kylie - Victoria Park
When my husband booked a Styling Session with Fiona as a Birthday present I was so nervous. I thought only Rich people have stylists! When I met Fiona she put me instantly at ease with her bubbly nature and honest approach to shopping. She taught me to feel confident in my own skin and to not hide my curves but to embrace them. I now look in the mirror and think wow thats me! which is an amazing feeling. I also have to say she was so good at keeping to my budget she didn’t take me to stores that don’t stock my size and out of my price range which was my biggest concern. We went to a huge range of stores and even though the items weren’t designer they looked like they were once we accessorised and brought shoes, Fiona is amazing at putting outfits together and makes it look so easy. This was the best birthday present I could have wished for, I absolutely loved it! Thank you Fiona and I’ll definitely be back.Vanessa - Gosnells
What can I say but thank god for Mel Marshall in the lead up to my recent wedding. Not only did she help me style my dress for the big day but she also helped me choose and style my outfits for the get togethers leading up to the wedding. It was a god send to have one less thing to worry about and knowing that I always looked well put together.Kellie - Wilson
I wanted to do something a little different for our monthly mums group get together and heard from a friend about the “Secrets to Style’ Party and thought it sounded great. It was so much Fun! We enjoyed learning the tricks to styling and dressing with confidence. The Style character quiz was very interesting and it really has helped me reassess my clothing choices. Alot of the mums who attended the evening have also raved about it and quite a few have booked there own parties. Its such a unique idea and you learn so much! Ive also booked in for some shopping with Fiona so I can get some of these staples Fiona spoke about. Im so excited. If you are looking at getting the girls together and doing something a little different book a party, its so worth it! Thanks Fiona.Melinda - Joondalup