Place your Bets

Spring Racing Carnival is here! What are you wearing? This year pastels have hit the ground running, along with clashing colours, prints and statement accessories!

Embrace headwear, yes try it, itโ€™s the one time of year a gold crown can be totally appropriate (come on who doesnโ€™t want to wear a crown ? ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป) Fedora style and wide brim hats are the perfect cool twist this year as are Turbans, in prints and bright colours. Your headwear can be bold, bright or clashing or you can go for broke and do the whole 3 altogether! Millenary is always big during carnival season so give it a go.

Shoes – again bold colours and print seems to be the theme, donโ€™t hold back… purchase a clashing colour in a colour that isnโ€™t the obvious choice or try a pastel tone for something different.

Note – Grass is not easy to walk on in a stiletto especially after a few champers ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜ฌ a block heel is always the best bet!

The Power suit is definitely big this year, think pinks, white, lilac, reds and even florals. This can come in a Jumpsuit style, a 3 piece trouser suit or even a play suit. PERFECTION!

Never left out is the dress. Donโ€™t opt for strapless or anything โ€˜blingโ€™ these options are always better for a nightclub, they just donโ€™t scream elegant affair! Ruffles and girly silhouettes are always a thumbs up, along with florals and structured midi dresses in bright block colours.

Think โ€˜Feminine sophisticationโ€™ and you will have no problems slaying the racewear game !

Now letโ€™s not forget the Men

Fashion is always on the forefront for menswear too, no itโ€™s not just about us ladies!

You can never go wrong with a sharp suit, slim lines in a solid colour but feel free to experiment with a darker trouser, printed shirt and a contrast colour in a blazer. Linen is hugely popular this season for the men, which is perfect for the typical hot weather on cup day. Tailored shorts are also acceptable with a bold printed shirt, giving a cool casual look, and letโ€™s not forget a good trilby, pork pie hat or panama gents ! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

The races are calling, place your bets !

Note – donโ€™t forget to polish those shoes ๐Ÿ‘ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Good luck and more importantly enjoy!


Look 1

  1. Alice McCall โ€“ Floating Delicately Dress $550.00
  2. Olga Berg โ€“ Ariel Metallic Woven Pod $99.95
  3. Olga Berg โ€“ Dancia Sinamay Bow Fascinator $99.95
  4. Steve Madden โ€“ Stecy $129.95
  5. Dolce & Gabbana $460.00

Look 2

  1. Forever New โ€“ Rosetta Fishtail Dress $169.99
  2. Kitte โ€“ Spring Pearl Headpiece $149.99
  3. Windsor Smith โ€“ Gabriel Nude $139.95
  4. Colette โ€“ Natural Miley Tassel Clutch $49.99
  5. Gregory Ladner Pearl Earring $19.95

Look 3

  1. Kookai โ€“ Ribbon Playsuit $220.00
  2. Morgan & Taylor โ€“ Clarke Boater $79.95
  3. Alias Mae โ€“ Ameleigh Sport $199.95
  4. Lovisa โ€“ Pentagon Hoop Earring $11.99
  5. Olga Berg โ€“ Tracer Emboss Clutch $119.95

Look 4

  1. Sheike โ€“ Prairie Dress – $149.95
  2. Sportsgirl โ€“ Tort Circle Earrings $24.95
  3. Midas โ€“ Ramzi Dk Tan $189.00
  4. Sportsgirl โ€“ Koko $69.95
  5. Olga Berg โ€“ Paradise $99.95

Look 5

  1. Julius Marlow โ€“ Suede Loafers $159.95
  2. Boss Orange โ€“ Chino Short $49.00
  3. James Harper โ€“ Dean Floral Shirt $89.95
  4. Country Road โ€“ Plaited Belt $79.95
  5. Ray Ban – $185.00

Look 6


  1. Calibre โ€“ Seafoam Slim Suit $699.00
  2. Calibre โ€“ Seafoam Slim Suit Pant $299.00
  3. Saba โ€“ Lloyd Shirt $129.00
  4. Julius Marlow โ€“ Patron Loafers $159.95
  5. Vilebrequin โ€“ Piston $395.00
  6. David Jones โ€“ Alta Linea Trilby Hat 26.95