Print It!

The graphic tee, a key staple for layering this winter. The tee has always been on the fashion scene but with so many different styles and prints it’s become a versatile and essential part of our wardrobes.

Options are limitless…bedazzled, vintage, rock band, slogan style or plain and simple, it will work with any item. There is no right or wrong way to wear a tee as mixing with skirts, denim and even dresses is acceptable. Whether you layer or make it your statement piece it’s worth investing in a few different styles.

Nail this trend and show that dressing down can also look very “dressed up”!

print it, with fiona and mel

  1. Kmart – Character Tee $10.00
  2. Sass & Bide – Spirited Away $195.00
  3. MadeWorn – Ramones Tee $207.37
  4. Those Wondering Souls – Lush Lips $59.00
  5. Bardot – Guilty Lace Up Tee $39.00
  6. DECJUBA – Weekend Text Tee – $49.95
  7. Net-A-Porter – The Rolling Stones $207.37
  8. Cheap Monday – Breeze Tee $39.95
  9. Levis – Orange Tab Graphic Surf Tee – $49.95
  10. Topshop – Pretty Poison $39.39
  11. Hilfiger Denim – 90’s Flock Tee $69.95
  12. One by One – Whispers Tee $39.95