Party Perfect

The festive season is upon us and the invitations are flying….it’s officially party season! Chances are you will have more than one party invite. The million dollar question is – what should you wear? This is your chance to dress up and show your “out of work” personality so have fun with it!

First you need to know the party details before you choose your ensemble. Is it a cocktail party, a sit down meal, at someone’s house or at a restaurant? These details will help you choose what to wear so you don’t stand out in the WRONG way.

We have broken down our blog this week into 4 Christmas party looks for 4 different Christmas parties – The Casual Xmas Party (at home/ BBQ), Christmas at the local (local pub), Boat Ready (party on a boat) and The Dressy Affair (cocktail party, top restaurant). With so many amazing clothes out there at the moment you can’t really get it wrong!! ??

The Casual

The Local

Boat Ready

The Dressy Affair

Enjoy !

Fiona & Mel