Raceday Survival Guide 101

Not much time left before the Race that ‘stops the nation’ – Emirates Melbourne Cup – also on the calendar is AAMI Victorian Derby Day, Crown Oaks Day and Emirates Stakes Day. So what are you packing? What items do you need in that fabulous clutch?

Well we are going to tell you…Plus your ‘must do list’ prior to the day!

Number 1 – Always, yes always, try your entire outfit on at home prior to the day, just to make sure the dress fits perfect (yes, even put on your shape wear!), check your millinery works, shoes aren’t killing you after 5 minutes (like we have said in the past, a block heel or wedge is always best on the grass) and play with your accessories (jewellery, clutch) so it’s not a rush job on the day and you don’t just chuck anything on! It is also a good time to check your ensemble is on point! ?

Number 2 – Beautifying oneself. Make sure you have your hair booked in (if you’re not doing it yourself), ensure your tan has had time to develop (tip – do not get a spray tan for the very FIRST time the day before), check your waxing is done, get your nails done (toes and fingers) and don’t try any new facial or skin products leading up to the day (trust us you could get a severe reaction or a breakout). We want you to look radiant in your cup pics!

Number 3 – Sort out how you’re getting to the track. Book a cab, phone a friend or public transport. Be organised! It’s always mental around the venue especially at the end of the day so have a PLAN!

Now – what to pack in your clutch: