The Race Edit

Spring racing starts this weekend here in Perth. Check out our top two looks to be the best dressed (try not to be too matchy matchy ladies – think outside the box).

race wear with fiona and mel

The “Cha-Ching” Look

Morrison – Natalia Dress $599.00
Nine West – Sari $179.95
Morgan & Taylor – Hazel Large Disc with Web Look Design $199.00
Olga Berg – Oversize Clutch $79.95

The “On a Budget” Look

Cooper Street – Watermark Kuta Dress $149.95
Shoe Show – Cassidy Nude $48.00 (sale)
The Iconic – Spurr Peekaboo Clutch (Clear) $39.95
The Fashion Addict – Emerald Fascinator Stella $29.95

Our Top Tips for Spring Racing

  1. No matter how sore your feet are NEVER EVER take your shoes off
  2. Don’t bring your huge every day handbag to the races, instead stick to a clutch
  3. Keep your jewellery simple if your dress has a lot going on
  4. If you wouldn’t wear your dress to a wedding, then it’s probably not dressy enough for race wear
  5. If your toes are on show, then paint those nails
  6. Do not forget its race wear not clubbing gear

Fiona & Mel