Mel’s LUST items!

I’ve always had a few LUST items that I want “when I grow up”. Hmmm – I’m about as middle aged as someone can get – surely I’ve grown up by now??

Ahhh well its always nice to have dreams – I quite often fall asleep at night dreaming of the Chanel Bag that I constantly LUST after.

Oh, did I mention it’s my birthday in the not too distant future? Perhaps one of my “dreams” might just come true…

Mel's lust items

  1. Chanel Messenger Bag
  2. Chanel Flap Bag (why stop at one!)
  3. Christian Louboutin – So Kate
  4. Burberry Studded Leather Continental Wallet
  5. Cartier Love Bracelet (this really is only in my dreams)
  6. Kookai Triumph Leather Jacket
  7. Manning Cartell The Cut Leather Short
  8. Camilla & Marc Hacker Pant

As I said these items are all my LUST items and are all in my dreams – after all a girl’s got to dream, right?

Next week – Fiona’s LUST items.