The White Shirt

The white shirt! One of our 14 Staples (a must have for the wardrobe).

Yes, a white shirt. Depending on your colouring it can be stark white, off white or cream – there are so many different shades of white (just like the 50 Shades of Grey hehe).

Collared, no collar, tailored, men’s style, structured – the list goes on. Where to start! The white shirt is one of our 14 staples because:

  • It looks great with dark denim jeans;
  • Fabulous with a pencil skirt and a black blazer;
  • Amazing tucked into a pair of capris;

If it’s a longer length, why not team it with a pair of leather look leggings and a pair of leopard print boots (oooh yes we LOVE leopard print anything! – we are both creative style characters so forgive us for getting carried away). For you natural style characters a little tan wedge boot or a simple ballet flat also looks amazing.

During a styling session with us, we will go through the 14 Staples and if you don’t have that perfect white shirt, we will help you find it. There is one out there for everyone – we promise.

You CAN find a white shirt in different price ranges – see below for our favourite selections.

*Witchery OCR White Shirts – 100% of the gross proceeds from the sale of the White Shirt range goes directly to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Fiona & Mel